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5 marketing steps for Start-up success


To be a successful start-up lean on experience and use professional marketers 

The time to seek professional advice is before starting a new business venture, but it’s the time when people typically resist asking. The success ratio of new ventures is disappointingly low.

We at Allround Creative would really like to help you at this exciting but challenging time when you are laying the foundations for what you want to be a thriving business.

Allround Creative can help you to avoid common mistakes in branding, design, marketing and budget allocation.

We can help you to validate or develop a business plan to achieve your strategic objectives. We can also help you to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) at critical stages in your first months or years of trading.

The business plan provides a discipline for the management team to support the budget and investment plans.

An experienced creative team adds value to the process by providing enterprise quality marketing services to help your start-up ‘punch above its weight’.

Hit the road with a clear idea about how to reach your destination.

5 critical steps to consider as a start-up business

This 5-point checklist will help you make informed decisions when you launch a new business

Avoid classic mistakes that are difficult and expensive to correct later on. You only get one chance to make a start-up impression, after all!

It's important as a fledgling business to be confident in what you are doing and what your value is to your potential customers.

Have you got strategies in place to sustain sales?

  1. Are you confident enough to look and sound better than the competition?
  2. How will you create a compelling impression of your company?
  3. Do your sales tools convert prospect to customers?
  4. Is there enough evidence of the quality of your service?
  5. How will you create dialogue with prospects and customers?

The graphic below represents the separate steps in a joined-up sales process, from you’re your prospect is unaware of you, to when they purchase your product, including opportunity nurturing. Aligning these phases will ensure that you attract leads and engage with prospects as they make their buying decisions. It is relatively straightforward to find the answers needed to generate start-up confidence and answer such as 'how will I stand out in the market?' and 'what will it take for prospects to like me?'
5 marketing factors for growth

It is relatively straightforward to put findings into action so that your start-up business makes good early progress.


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