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Allround Creative Landscape programmes


Understand the market landscape

No business exists in a vacuum; there is an external market landscape and also internal conditions that need to be understood. Landscape programmes generate clarity about the factors that affect sales in your sector. Who is promoting their products well; what are successful competitors doing to attract customers?

Who is the competition; what are the trends?

What are companies like yours doing in the market? Who is winning new business? Who is ‘raising the bar?’

Allround Creative will look at the market landscape and present its findings. This is a hugely powerful exercise that will engage your team in positive discussion.

Don't overlook the internal landscape

It is often easier, in the first instance, to look at someone else’s CV than it is your own. Our Landscape feedback sessions help your team to reflect on how they approach their roles, by looking at how other companies are performing across a range of brand, promotional and sales activities.

When should you use Landscape?

You may be surprised to know that some companies crack on with new designs, a web site or a product launch without checking their customers’ points of view or whether they will be able to compete with competitors. Hmm … so it’s guesswork, then!

Landscape brings objectivity to the process and helps to create and refine fresh ideas. Landscape is invigorating.

We recommend conducting a Landscape programme when you are undertaking any major initiative or budget commitment. New web site, rebrand, sales push, product launch, PR campaign or advertising commitment, Landscape will pay for itself several times over.

The practical results of Landscape

We invite you to think of Landscape as a SWOT process. At the conclusion of the programme there will be a clearer understanding of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats involved in how your company or product is marketed.

From the results of Landscape we can help you to build layered communications that promote the special qualities of products and services.

  1. Compelling Sales Evidence layer
    We develop compelling sales justification, which may cover topics such as technical superiority, customer support, business case, ease of adoption, total cost of ownership, portability, upgrade path and brand differentiation.

  2. Engage customer Emotions
    We will communicate the intangible aspects of a sale, which are the powerful sales influencers embedded in the buyer’s need for trust and value. We will make it easier for customers to make their decision to buy.

  3. Impressive Presentation layer
    We will make you look good and develop logical, simple and appropriate presentation material that provides a good user experience (UX) at each point in the sales process.

  4. Attraction, nurture and opportunity conversion
    We will build a process that reflects the steps in the sales journey from the time a prospect is unaware of your company to when they become customer.

Following a Landscape programme you will feel confident that your company will be able to fulfil the two most important criteria in effective sales.Yor company look INTERESTING and SAFE.

'Interesting' means that you will be able to stand out in the market and attract business with honed sales messages. 'Safe' means that your messages will be supported by evidence and reassurances to allay buyer concerns.


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